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Submarine Cable Networks-The Heart of the Internet

The internet’s largest and most important — and yet unsung — champions are the privately-owned submarine cables that orbit the Earth. Land links between cities and cables that run alongside roads and into houses and offices are certainly impressive — and without them we wouldn’t have an internet! — but sinking a cable into the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and even Arctic Oceans requires a billion-dollar logistical feat that requires years to enact. The Africa Coast to Europe Submarine ("ACE") cable began deployment in 2009 in its quest to build a submarine cable 17,000 Kms from Europe to Africa. Moya will connect the ACE capacity form South Africa and distribute its capacity throughout Southern Africa via its Backhaul Networks.

Africa's Rapidly Expanding Internet Requirements

The low Data penetration rate in Africa clearly indicates the pent-up demand for broadband internet connections. Africa’s requirements for affordable broadband connections has exploded over the last decade. Applications such as Facebook, Skype and Mobile Money have fueled the rapid increase in customer data demand in Africa.


Moya will offer a range of lower priced world class Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (“SDH”) and Internet Protocol (“IP”) network transport services that are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of African Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), international carriers, Internet access providers, large multi-national businesses and governments.

Token Sale

What is a Moya Token?

Moya Token (MTK) issuance will fund the purchase of ACE submarine cable capacity, terrestrial fibre capacity and the operations of Moya.

Moya Token ownership will entitle the holder the right to receive 20% of Moya's profit on an annual basis, proportional to the number of tokens owned.

Token Sale

  • Start date: 15th Nov 2017 12:00 GMT
  • End date: 16th Jan 2018 12:00 GMT
  • Distribution cap: 100 million MTK
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
  • Token exchange rate: 0.04 BTC / 1 ETH = 1,000 MTK
  • Amount of tokens per person: unlimited
  • Minimum transaction amount: 0.0012 BTC / 0.03 ETH
  • Maximum transaction amount: unlimited


Week 1 - 2: 30% bonus

Week 3 - 4: 20% bonus

Week 5 - 6: 15% bonus

Week 7 - 8: 10% bonus


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Moya will offer a range of world class Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (“SDH”) and Internet Protocol (“IP”) network transport services that are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of ISP providers, international carriers, content providers, small, medium, large and multi-national businesses and governments.

Pricing Models

Moya's wholesale prices will be competitive and affordable for small, medium and large telecommunications companies, Governments and businesses alike allowing broadband connections at previously unseen speeds.

Pricing will be varied according to amount of capacity, length of contract, level of service, portability, restoration and protection requirements.

Moya will position appropriate products and differentiate them through price/performance and service to favorably compete against other products in their respective market segments.

This will enable affordable international high-speed connectivity to meet the needs of the growing voice, internet and data markets within Moya’s footprint.

Tech Support

The core Network Operations Centre (NOC) will be located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Cape Town will host a small technical office located near the ACE cable landfall station.

24/7 support will be provided via the NOC to resolve any technical difficulties that broadband internet access customers may encounter.



Carrington Phillip
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO Carey heads up the management team at Moya drawing on his extensive experience in the Telecommunications industry since 1990.

Serving as Managing Director for Smile Communications, in Kampala Uganda, from 2008 to 2010 he had prime responsibility for the building and launch of Smile Communications’ WIMAX network in Uganda.

Previously Carey served as Vice President, at Cox Communications Atlanta Georgia, where he was a key member of the team that launched of one of the world’s “triple play” (Voice, Video, Data) commercial networks.

Jason Berry
Chief Strategist

Jason was the founder, Managing Director and Chief Network Engineer of CiTEC (Pty) Ltd - now called MTN Business.

In July 2001 to MTN South Africa purchased CiTEC, in addition to various International Patent applications, invented by Jason.

MTN renamed CiTEC to "MTN Business Solutions" as the company had specifically focused on corporate clients, which increased MTN's value proposition to the market.

Sibusiso (Sbu) Zindela
Chief Technical Officer

Sbu is an experienced Chief Engineer for international submarine networks.

He has extensive experience in the planning and design of international submarine networks that meet international interconnect and capacity demands.


Vivienne Namutebi

Vivienne is an experienced online sales and digital marketing professional in the digital advertising space.

She has extensive experience managing online content, monitoring client websites, online platforms, ad buying and online partner management.

Leonard Harley

Co-founder of impactChoice and inventor of world’s first blockchain based carbon asset management & transactional trading platform.

Len has a strong managerial background with senior level international experience and cross sector exposure. He is highly focused with a consistent track record of successfully delivering full lifecycle systems implementations to tight time scales and within budget.

Dr. Victor Lawrence

Dr. Lawrence pursued a highly successful research and business career with Bell Labs (research division of AT&T).

Previous positions include Vice President at AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent & Bell Labs.

He is a former Advisor to South African President Thabo Mbeki and has also served on the board of Telkom South Africa.

Having worked in the information technology and communications R&D field for over thirty years, he retired as Vice President, Advanced Communications Technology - Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, where he led the development of technologies for worldwide communications networks.

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What is a Token Sale?

A Token Sale it is a means of raising capital through a crowdfunding campaign by distributing tokens to the contributors.

A digital asset or token is issued for a specific purpose.

After the Token Sale process is complete, tokens may have utility value on a platform or traded on crypto-exchanges, with market supply and demand deciding on its fair value.

When does the pre-Token Sale start?

The Token Pre-Sale launches on 1 November 2017 at 12:00 GMT.

How will I receive my Moya Tokens after I send my contribution?

The Moya Token sale platform will generate a unique sending address for you during the sales process.

Please use this address to pay for your tokens.

Transactions received at the given address will account for your contribution to the project.

During the sales process you will be required to provide your Ethereum address at which you wish to receive your tokens.

Token distribution which will take place 15 - 30 days post the Token Sale.

Where are you based and what is your legal structure?

Moya Networks is a subsidiary of Moya Telcom which is incorporated in South Africa.

Our Engineering Division is based out of Mauritius and the United Kingdom.

We are also fortunate to have advisors and collaborators from all over the world, including the United States, Japan and France.

What is going to happen in case you are not able to collect the estimated funds?

We will continue developing the Moya business with any collected Token Sale proceeds, following our roadmap of operational development.

We already have a sufficient number of contractual agreements with suppliers, which allow us to foresee a positive outcome of the crowdsale.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Yes, our current minimum investment amounts are 1 ETH or 0.0625 BTC.